Unveiling the Wynn Casino’s $1 Million Package for the 2022 Las Vegas Grand Prix: What’s Inside?

Wynn Resorts has rolled out an impressive $1 million package called the “2023 Million Dollar All-Access Experience” in time for the upcoming Formula One car race on 18th November 2023 in Las Vegas. This luxury package aims to provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience for groups of up to six people, offering an array of exclusive and high-end events throughout the Grand Prix weekend.

The package includes a four-night stay in a luxurious two-story Encore three-Bedroom Duplex, complete with 24-hour butler service, daily breakfast, and custom in-room amenities. In addition, guests will enjoy a Jeroboam of Dom Perignon along with a selection of caviar, exclusive access to the Opening Ceremonies, and priority access to race-week events at Wynn Las Vegas. The package also incorporates exclusive access to the Wynn Grid Club within the Paddock Club, providing the most exclusive VIP spaces along the track.

Furthermore, the package features dinner for six at Delilah, a renowned nightlife dining experience, as well as Wynn Elite tickets to the Awakening show with private seating and a dedicated server. Guests will also receive complimentary spa and salon treatments, a round of golf at Wynn Golf Club, luxury transportation to and from the airport and The Paddock, and a lifetime membership to Wynn’s exclusive Private Access program, among other privileges.

In addition to providing luxury experiences, Wynn Resorts also announced that the Las Vegas Grand Prix will feature a course that includes part of the iconic Las Vegas Strip, promising a thrilling and unforgettable race.

The package, which caters to groups of up to six people, aims to offer a comprehensive and luxurious experience for attendees of the prestigious event. This initiative underscores Wynn Resorts’ commitment to providing unparalleled experiences and adding value to major events in the city of Las Vegas.