Richmond’s Gambling Referendum: What Land Use Reveals – Greater Greater Washington

An anti-casino sign has been put on display in the yard of a home in Bellevue, highlighting the ongoing tensions surrounding the potential establishment of a new casino in the area. The issue has been a contentious one, with a close 51% against and 49% in favor vote in Richmond’s last referendum on the matter. The proposed location of the casino south of the James River is a key point of contention, with concerns about whether it represents a new investment in an underdeveloped area or if it is simply the latest example of the city placing unwanted industries in Black and Brown neighborhoods.

While much focus has been on the controversy surrounding one of the casino’s backers and the planned wages, little attention has been given to the actual site where the establishment would be located. The site is situated in an industrial area, surrounded by factories, warehouses, and power plants, raising concerns about potential environmental hazards. There are also concerns about whether the casino could be moved to another location after the vote, following rumors suggesting this possibility.

Despite the environmental and location-related concerns, many are attracted to the proposed economic benefits of the casino, including job creation and tax revenue. However, prominent casino opponent Allan-Charles Chipman, questions whether the casino is the best way to bring investment and amenities to Southside, suggesting that there are alternative, non-exploitative means to achieve these goals.

In a different setting, Bristol, Virginia has seen a different response to the establishment of a casino. Residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of replacing the city’s abandoned mall with a casino run by Hard Rock. City leaders have worked to ensure that growth from the hotel and casino will benefit the surrounding area, addressing zoning regulations and planning changes to accommodate the development.

Overall, the debate surrounding the potential establishment of a casino in Richmond and other areas like Bristol reflects ongoing tensions and divisions regarding economic development, investment, and the impact on local communities. The decision will have lasting implications for the future development and well-being of these areas.