Rian Johnson Challenges Star Wars Crew with Difficult Casino Scene in The Last Jedi

The Canto Bight scenes in the “Star Wars” movie were filmed in the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia, according to information found online. The city’s central drag was used for a notable “Star Wars” chase, which was a first for the franchise. Unlike the poverty-stricken universe typically depicted in “Star Wars,” the Canto Bight sequences showcased a well-moneyed environment with elegant and sophisticated characters.

This departure from the usual settings in “Star Wars” required the costume designer, Michael Kaplan, to create an entirely new class of characters. He had to come up with designs on the spot, as there had never been a true formal affair in any “Star Wars” movie before. This challenge was no easy feat, as Kaplan had to ensure that the characters looked elegant and sophisticated, in line with director Rian Johnson’s vision.

Kaplan expressed his initial fears about designing costumes for a “Star Wars” casino filled with fancy-dressed people, but Johnson’s input only made the task more daunting. Johnson wanted the characters to exude elegance and sophistication, requiring Kaplan to carefully choose large groups of people to come in for fittings. This allowed the costume designer to see the characters in real life and tailor the designs to fit each individual.

Despite the initial apprehension, Kaplan and his team rose to the occasion and successfully created a new, visually stunning aspect of the “Star Wars” universe. The Canto Bight sequences in the movie became known for their elegant and striking visual appeal, making them a unique addition to the iconic franchise.