Red Lake Man Admits to Assault at Seven Clans Casino in April

Red Lake Man Admits Guilt in Domestic Assault
A Red Lake man has pleaded guilty to one count of domestic assault by a habitual offender after attacking someone in a hotel room at the Seven Clans Casino. Shawn Rene Lussier, 55, physically assaulted another person in a late-evening incident on April 9. Lussier repeatedly punched and kicked the victim, causing serious bodily harm, including a bloody lip, a one-inch scalp laceration that required stitches and resulted in a scar, and other bruises. The attack also caused over $450 in property damage to the hotel room.

Court documents reveal that Lussier has multiple prior convictions for domestic violence, involving separate assaults between May 2017 and December 2021. Lussier entered his guilty plea on Tuesday in U.S. District Court, and a sentencing hearing is set to be scheduled later. The case was brought to light thanks to an investigation conducted by the Red Lake Police Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

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