Mark Cuban Advocates for Casino Gambling Resorts in Texas

Mark Cuban, the Dallas billionaire and star of ABC’s Shark Tank, wants to bring resort-style gambling to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Cuban believes that adding this type of entertainment would attract more people to Texas and improve the overall atmosphere of the state.

Specifically, Cuban has his sights set on building a new arena for the Dallas Mavericks, which would be surrounded by a resort and casino. He has been vocal about this vision, expressing his desire to create a Las Vegas-like destination in Texas. Cuban believes that resort-style gambling would have a significant impact on the region, making it a more desirable vacation spot.

However, Cuban’s plans have hit a roadblock in the form of Texas lawmakers. Legislation that would have allowed for the development of resorts with gambling amenities was essentially killed in the Texas House last year. Despite this setback, Cuban remains hopeful that his vision for a new arena and resort will come to fruition in the future for the Mavericks.

In the meantime, Cuban has other projects to focus on. He is dedicated to growing his company, Cost Plus Drugs, and is committed to another season of Shark Tank. Additionally, Cuban recently spoke at a business summit in Frisco, where he encouraged entrepreneurship and shared his own story of success.

Despite the challenges he faces in bringing resort-style gambling to Texas, Cuban remains positive about the entrepreneurial spirit in the state. He believes that there is great potential for growth and innovation in Dallas, making it an exciting time to be an entrepreneur in Texas.