Detroit Casino Workers Plead for Boycott of Online Betting Platforms

Workers at Detroit casinos have been on strike for nearly a month and are now implementing new tactics in the hopes of achieving their demands. Lisa Cuthrell, a cook at the Hollywood Casino at Greektown, emphasized the importance of solidarity from the community in supporting their cause.

The striking workers have expanded their efforts to target online betting platforms, calling for a boycott of sites such as Fan Duel, ESPN BET, Hollywood iCasino, and BetMGM. Lisa Zezula, who works at MGM Grand, expressed the sentiment that engaging in online betting is equivalent to undermining their strike efforts.

In addition to the online boycott, the workers are planning large rallies outside the casinos during major events to further amplify their message. Zezula believes that these new tactics will increase pressure on the casinos to come to a more favorable agreement with the union, stating that the companies will eventually realize the losses they are incurring.

Meanwhile, Cuthrell is determined to continue picketing until the workers receive improved wages and healthcare benefits. She highlighted the impact of rising living costs, emphasizing the need for fair compensation in line with the current economic climate.

The striking casino workers are adamant in their fight for better working conditions and are seeking the support of the community as they push for a more equitable resolution with casino management. By expanding their efforts to target online betting platforms and organizing large rallies, the workers are demonstrating their determination to secure a favorable agreement that reflects their contributions to the casinos.