Detroit Casino Strike Enters Fourth Week: Negotiation Progress Update

The casino workers at Motor City Casino, MGM Grand, and Hollywood Casino at Greektown have been on strike since October 17, marking the first time they have taken such action. However, instead of feeling worn out, the strikers are feeling inspired and determined to continue their fight.

Terrell George, the vice president of Local 24, who has worked at Motor City Casino for 17 years, expressed the sentiment of many of his co-workers when he said that they love the casino industry but believe they deserve better. “We understand what we are worth, and so we are going to stick it out. We’re not trying to hurt the city of Detroit, but we understand our worth,” George said.

Despite their determination, the strikers have expressed disappointment in the lack of progress in negotiations with the casinos. The union has reached out for an interview or comment from the casinos but received no response.

One of the major sticking points in the negotiations is the UAW’s ask for protections against the implementation of new technology. Additionally, the workers are seeking higher wages, better retirement benefits, and maintained healthcare, with a particular focus on the issue of increased healthcare costs for long-standing employees.

Though they are disappointed in their employers, the strikers have expressed their gratitude for the support they have received from Detroit leaders and the community. Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield has voiced her support and even attended a rally where community members donated clothes, diapers, and food to the striking workers.

“Our goal was not to shut them down, our goal was not to strike,” said George. “Our goal was just to get what we deserve.”

As the strike enters its fourth week, the casino workers remain committed to their cause and are hopeful for a resolution that meets their needs.