Canadian Casino Kicks Out xQc, Popular Gambling Streamer

Popular online streamer xQc, known for his gambling and video game content, recently experienced a setback when he was kicked out of a Canadian casino. xQc, whose real name is Félix Lengyel, had recently transitioned from Twitch to Kick in a 9-figure deal, but found himself on the receiving end of an unexpected turn of events.

He had visited the casino with his family to celebrate his birthday when security personnel approached and escorted him out, informing him that he had been blacklisted from gambling in Québec. This ban extended to all forms of provincial gambling, including iGaming and the lottery.

The reason behind this sweeping prohibition stemmed from an article that surfaced in Radio Canada the previous year. The article suggested that xQc had admitted to a gambling addiction and claimed that he was responsible for the gambling addiction of a local man, Enneric Chabot, who had allegedly started gambling on a platform after watching xQc.

Chabot reportedly developed a gambling problem, fell into debt, and filed for bankruptcy. This incident has sparked discussions about the intersection of online entertainment and real-world consequences, as xQc’s public persona has bled into his personal life.

Despite this setback, xQc had recently signed a lucrative content agreement with Kick, which is partially owned by The nonexclusive agreement is worth up to $100 million over two years if certain milestones are met. This deal showcases the growing influence and value of top-tier content creators, as well as the intense competition among streaming platforms for exclusive partnerships. Additionally, xQc can continue to deliver content through Twitch, where he reportedly earns a base salary of at least $3.4 million a year, excluding sponsorship deals.