2023 Chinese Zodiac: Horse brings good luck

In the upcoming year, renowned Hong Kong Feng Shui expert Mak Ling Ling shared some insights on the overall luck, wealth, career, relationships, and health for individuals, focusing on those born in the Year of the Horse.

Wealth and financial growth may be slow but steady, with the influence of auspicious stars, but individuals should be cautious of potential money entanglement which could result in injustice. Businessmen, in particular, need to pay attention to their relationships with partners and be clear when dealing with accounts to avoid conflicts and disputes.

In terms of career, it’s important to navigate the potential for gossip in the workplace and to maintain low-key interactions to prevent misunderstandings and offending others. Additionally, it is advised that individuals wait to sign a new job contract before resigning from their current position if they plan to change jobs.

Regarding relationships, some may enter into new relationships while others may need to pay close attention to avoid external temptations and maintain stable partnerships. Health-related concerns may arise, particularly with skin sensitivity, toothache, and neuralgia, so individuals should prioritize self-care.

In the context of Chinese zodiac symbolism, those born in the Year of the Horse are advised to engage in industries dominated by female customers as they may find their fortunes supported by the auspicious stars representing women. Additionally, medium and long-term investments are recommended for increasing wealth during the Year of the Rabbit.

For individuals in different age groups under various Chinese zodiac years, specific advice is offered by Mak Ling Ling. For instance, for those in their 20s (Year of Ren Wu), the focus is on managing wealth, while older individuals (Year of Geng Wu and Wu Wu) are advised to prioritize health and avoid overthinking.

As the new year approaches, Mak Ling Ling provides valuable insights and advice for individuals to navigate the various aspects of life based on their zodiac signs and age groups.